Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunday #5-week ending July 28, 2013

Hello Everyone!!

This is Evie, taking over the blog for a day from my mom. All of us appreciate those of you who take the time to read our blog and listen to what we have to say. Thank you and we love you all so much!

We have had an eventful week, with many ups and downs as always, filled with missionaries and sightseeing and ice cream. One of the highlights of our week was "Kids Day", a holiday that we celebrate every year in July. When we were younger, Wilson and I questioned why there was a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day, but no day to celebrate kids! So from then on, for about 9 years now, we always do something fun for our made up holiday. This year, our mom took us on a fantastic treasure hunt that led us all around the city. We started in our apartment, with basic clues taking us around the house and then over to the mission office. We eventually hopped on a tram that took us into a different part of the city, near a large park. After getting to the top of the park, we got to climb up something called Petrin Tower. Think of it as a mini Eiffel Tower, with about only 300 steps leading up to the top.

The view from the top was spectacular! And we could see the castle and much of the city from the top. It was beautiful!!

The next of our clues from the treasure hunt, led us to a different section of the park, and we got to go into a house of mirrors! It was so confusing and funny to be inside.:) It honestly reminded me of the Photo Booth app on the Apple products, because all these mirrors would distort your image and especially the three little boys laughed so hard at what they looked like sometimes. 

We came back to our apartment, very tired but very happy, and we discovered that the last part of our treasure hunt was...treasure! Wilson, Hyrum, and George got a new scripture bag, and I got a cute new wallet.   Our mom was very generous and we loved going on an adventure.:) It was a great kids day! 

One of the other great parts of our week was getting to see our great aunt and uncle, Elaine and Martin. They are my Grandma's Sister and Brother in law, and we loved seeing them! They are serving as senior missionaries in Germany, and got to come to Prague for a couple of days to see us! We took them on an abbreviated tour of the city, to see the most well known and famous objects in Prague. 

We walked across the Charles Bridge, which is the most historic and famous bridge in Prague, and if you have ever seen the movie Mission Impossible, one of the first scenes was shot along the Charles Bridge. Sorry for the random fact.:)

We saw the statue of Jan Hus, the famous religious leader who worked to have the Bible available to everyone to read, not just the important people. This statue is located in old town square and is very old and has a lot of history behind it. 

One of the last things we saw with them was the clock tower, which is towering behind us in this picture. Every hour, thousands of people gather to watch the clock go off. Everyone watches as Twelve little apostles pop out of the clock tower and then the bell rings to remind you what time it is. 

So, yeah! It was great to see some extended family, and travel all over the city with them. We love you Elaine and Martin!! 

Most of the things I have talked about have been about the family was doing. My dad, however, has been working hard getting transfers done for his first time. We have new missionaries coming in, and he has to rearrange everything. So that has been what he has been doing all week! 

This is a picture of President and our two AP's, assistants to president, and this is the night that they were calling all the missionaries to inform them where they were going, who their new companion was, etc. It must be so nerve-racking for the missionaries though.:) 

The Elders and Sisters have been so nice to me and the boys. I have gone teaching with the sisters, as well as sightseeing with them on their P-day, eating lunch with them, and just talking with them often. The boys will often play sports with the Elders, and they love it. It's like having more older brothers! 

We really do have such great missionaries, and I have loved getting to know them!! 

The last thing we did this week, on Sunday night, was host these wonderful missionaries and feed them dinner. All the office Elders and AP's came and ate with us, and even though I felt outnumbered, since my mom and I were the only two females, it was fun to talk to them and thank them for all that they have done for our family this past month. 

Well!! That's our week. Thanks for letting me speak today, and tell you things a little from my perspective of how things are going here. I love you all so much! 

The McConk's 


  1. Great update, Evie! That picture of Hyrum and George with the ice cream cones makes my heart so happy! I miss those two so very much. I just want to reach inside the computer and hug them. I think of you all often and send my love. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. oh i love you guys!! what a great post and blog! and ya know what i love?! this last photo of your family - you all look so great and you look so genuinely happy! thank for keeping us posted, it is so fun reading about your adventures! love and prayers, always!!


  3. Thanks, Evie! Great job posting and story-telling. Hi to each of you from all of us. Love, S, J, (X), E, J, M, J

  4. Love you Evie! Love the posts and pictures. It really helps us see what you are all doing. Love you!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the great post, Evie! I loved reading about your treasure hunt and your visit with Cravens and what your missionaries are up to lately. Nice job! And AWESOME family photo at the end! Love you! Aunt Teresa

  6. You could not be more inspiring or wonderful. Thanks for the well-written post and gorgeous pictures. We're still praying for you! xoxo

  7. I have enjoyed reading the blog so much. I look at it everyday. I even started learning some Czech phrases. We are getting our "papers" ready and so we have been stalking mission blogs. I was particularly surprised and happy to see pictures of Sister Steglich. We know her through her older brother who served as a performing missionary with our son Caleb in Nauvoo. What a great young woman she is! Keep posting and writing. It's a great service. - Alan Allred