Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunday #8--week ending August 18, 2013

Sup peeps
Guess who’s writing the blog this week? Wilson!!! And I don’t know what to do so, hi. OK, I just received word that I am going to do highs and lows for the week so here it goes!

Highs and Lows

-Shopping for back to school clothes
-Czech restaurant (got crispy chicken tenders)
-Sports night (played basketball with the missionaries and made 3 pointers.)

-Eating a raw fish wrap at the mall. 

-Going to Praguewarts (new school) with mom, and going to lunch after.
-Going to girls’ camp in Brno with Dad.
-Baking yummy treats.
-Starting quilting lessons with Heidi Moore over Skype.

-Waiting in a classroom for 5 hours for dad to finish his stuff in Brno.
-Stressing out about school.

-Going with mom to get new shoes.
-Going to the park to play baseball and playing on playground.
-Having dinner with the missionaries.

No lows.

-Making pancakes
-Read The Hunger Games series (really good. But was it just me or did it depress anyone else?)
-Elder Knapp teaching me how to do a Rubiks cube.
-Game night with young single adults and a few missionaries.
-Going to the park and playing baseball.
-Playing basketball with the elders.
-Having some senior missionaries over for dinner.
-Talking to my cousins Sam and Dallin on the phone.
-Getting new shoes.
-Going to Old Town Square.
-Watching Hyrum’s face turn green after telling him that he was eating raw fish. :)

-Sitting around the house bored or missing things and people in Salt Lake.

-back to school dates with each kid
-learning from our visiting general authority and the District Presidents and James in church today.
-singing "love is spoken here" as the closing song in sacrament meeting.  I love how the czech hymn book has regular hymns mixed with primary songs, so we sing all of them in adult meetings.  It was awesome how the whole congregation knew to do the girl verse, then the boy verse, then the duet.  All these grown ups sang it with the kids with enthusiasm!  It's such a pretty song, no matter what language!  The primary songs always remind me of the imperial 2nd ward kids and how much I loved singing time with them.
-standing at the window in a row with Evie and Wilson and Hyrum, looking at what was going on down on the street, then hearing Evie say, “look at what we’re eating!” she was eating chocolate, I was eating a cookie, Wilson was eating a pancake, and Hyrum was licking nutella off of a knife.  We laughed at how unhealthy we were as we people-watched.  Then George appeared and when I asked where he had been, he said, “in the bathroom.  Doing pushups.” 

-just trying to figure out my balance still, of how to be a missionary and a mom and a wife.  Lots of tears the other day, but I am learning lots, so I guess it’s not really a low.
-feeling sad for people that I love who are facing hard stuff

-   Girls Camp in Moravia with Evie, 20 remarkable young women and their leaders from the Czech Republic
-   Time spent with Elder Adler (our Area Authority Seventy from Germany)
-   Back to school dates
-   Where’s Waldo with George
-   Teaching with the Dejvicka Sisters on Tuesday night.  Great investigator, great spirit, exceptional lesson.
-   Traffic jam on the drive home from Brno Saturday
-   A couple that are too low to even bother talking about

And now some pictures of our week, Yay!
 Mom and Ev on Evie's back to school date.
 potato chip sticks 
 eating massive crepes in old town square
 jan hus is a famous statue in the background
 H and George playing at a park
 baseball in the church parking lot
 the circus has come to town!
 death by hippo
 zipline at park
 game night with missionaries
 georges car tower
 my homemade pancakes (and i only burned one finger! :) )
 Evies cookies
 violin lesson

elder adlers visit

later peeps,


  1. Nicely done, Wilson! It's so great to read about how you are all doing. And to see pictures. Thank you for doing it! Give a hug to everyone for us. Love, the Moffatts

  2. Wilson, post more of your sketch work! Also, have you learned any hymns on the guitar? Some of my best memories were learning hymns on the guitar while on my mission!

  3. Thanks, Wilson! I loved reading every word of your entry and seeing the awesome pictures. Hope those pancakes were worth the burned finger. :-) Love, Aunt Teresa

  4. Wilson, good to hear your report. We loved SKYPing with you and fam the other day. Loved George's doing push ups in the bathroom and Ruthie would LOVE those potato chip rolls. THanks for including the mission office address - we need that. Sam really liked that he was one of your highs!

    Love you all so much! This blog helps us feel like we can see what you are doing in life. We will send some pictures soon so you can hang them on the fridge there. Love you all!!! Kelly and crew.

  5. Nice post, Wilson! Thanks for the update! I'm glad that Georgie couldn't think of any "lows" this time. :) And yes, I found the Hunger Games series very depressing. I liked it so much up until the last book, and now I can't decide if I like the series overall or not. :/ Anyways, I love the pictures you guys put up. It helps me be able to visualize what you all are up to. I so wish I could come visit you soon and participate with you! Here's praying that it will happen! Love you all!